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ToteSport was established in 1927 by Winston Churchill to provide pool betting on horses, mostly to counteract illegal bookmakers, who were big at the time. Today all pool betting is made through TotePool whereas all fixed odds bets are made through ToteSports. The bookmaker giant Betfred in 2011, which makes the joint company of the biggest betting companies in the UK bought the company.

ToteSport offer an exclusive welcome bonus to all new players signing up through Geeky Gambler. If you don’t win on your first bet, they will repay your stake up to 25 pounds. This is perfect for any geek who has found a long-shot bet they want to take a chance on. In addition, this there are regular promotions going on at ToteSport for all top sport events including boosted prices, best odds and money back offers. Check out the promotion page to find all the details.

The casino offers a sleek designed website that has a great overview of the different markets being offered. You will find the top betting markets such as football, rugby, tennis and golf, but also other smaller sports such as Gaelic football. In addition to the regular odds and pool betting, they offer in-play betting, lotto and games as some of their markets. The simple and clean design, the good betting alternatives and the generous welcome offer makes ToteSport one of Geeky Gambler’s favourite betting sites. Click on our links to sign up today!

Disclaimer: All bonuses are for UK/English speaking markets and may not apply to all countries/regions. Look at the site for full information and full requirements.