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Nigeria’s kit and other teams!

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There’s no event that causes more anticipation in the world than the World Cup. The fact that it happens every four years makes it even more attractive.

Competition is not only on the field, also in the looks of every team, the announcement of each teams Kit cannot only make fans more excited but also sport shops owners as they sell like hotcakes.

Nigerian Super Eagles

Football followers have decided which team wins for the best kit so far, as 3 million pre-orders were placed to get the new Nigeria’s jersey that the team will wear on the World Cup 2018.

The Super Eagles premiered the Nike shirts in friendlies against Poland and Serbia in March. Because of its urban style, it won popularity very quickly.

Nigeria belongs to Group D with Argentina, Croatia and Iceland, their first game will be held on 16 June Kaliningrad Stadium against Croatia.

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Other kits that are worth to mention

Japan – Adidas

Home – Personally I really like the colours; however, I understand opinions against it. But I guess unique things always create opposite poles.

Away – Too simple, old school and not very exciting, which create a contrast with the Home jersey.

Belgium – Adidas

Home – Red and bright, however, it reminds us a bit of a mix of Spain and Portugal previous jerseys.

Away – again bright but this time yellow, it’s a classic design that anyone can like.

Australia – Nike

Home – all I have to say is I am not the biggest fan of animal print on a football jersey.

Away – what a beauty! Dark green colour with a bit of bright colour.

France – Nike

Home and Away – Can we say that France will be the most elegant team? Impeccable and classic.

Mexico – Adidas

Home – Nothing new for this team, it looks a lot like previous jerseys, it’s not bad but they have done better.

Away – Where can I order this one? A very nice white shirt with green and red strips, nice and simple!

Peru – Umbro

Home and Away – Peru are you ever going to change the style? Year after year we see the same shirt with tinny changes, we wouldn’t mind an exciting change!

Argentina – Adidas

Home – from blue to grey, it makes it look like an over washed old Argentina jersey, no energy on this one.

Away – OK we get it! They put all energy on this one! We are sure this will sell like hotcakes.

Germany – Adidas

Home – We like that it has a unique design at the front, very wearable.

Away – Yes but why green Germany? We like it, but it doesn’t really represent Germany’s flag or culture. Is it just me?

Brazil – Nike

Home – I guess they want to keep their old style. Good luck charm? If you remember Brazil’s 2014 jersey, then there’s not much I can say.

Away – Samba! Bright blue like a colourful bird from the Amazonas! It a nice and simple shirt.

Colombia – Adidas

Home – Nothing better to represent Colombia than this jersey! Keeping 2014 idea but upgrading it to the max!

Away – Completely different style to the Home jersey but again they nailed it! A simpler style but with nice contrasts.

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There are many more teams to mention from!

What is your favorite kit so far?

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