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Lucky Lady bets £1 and wins over £500,000

 With no strategy!


Do you ever ask your wife to help you choose the wining team on a bet?

Well if you don’t, you should!

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A Lucky resident from Kent, UK won over £500,000 from a £1 football bet regardless of having no interest in sport betting or even the sport itself.

Despite what the odds were pointing to, she decided to select 12 picks based on the names of the teams!

Yes, so basically, she liked the name, so she picked that team even if they showed negative odds.

Being mom to a boy that shares her interest in football, made her feel left out from the bond her kid and husband had, so she decided to join her husband to the sport betting shop and place some “silly” bets.

No one could believe what she was going for choosing those teams, it became a bit of a joke, however everyone was shocked when they realised she got them all right!

Carli Faulkner (employee of William Hill store) said: “It is incredible that the lady got them all up

“Usually customers laugh when they see a payout figure on the bottom of their slip like £574,000, but this just goes to show it can happen”

The bet was paid out by the William Hill store in Leysdown-on-Sea.

Her husband has been placing bets for decades, studying the odds and making “smart” choices, not knowing he had his lucky charm at home!

Next time I place some bets i’ll be sure to ask the Geeky Girlfriend for some advice!

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