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How To Pick A Winner On The Horses

Many punters who bet on Horse racing find it incredibly frustrating when they lose frequently, it seems like a difficult sport to predict winning horses right?

Well you’re wrong, because picking winners really isn’t as difficult as what’s imagined. There are many races that take place during each day of the week, meaning there are plenty of horses that stand out as winners.

Before the Geek shares tips on finding those racing winners here’s some handy information on how each month may affect the outcomes of a race, which can include massive upsets with large outsiders winning.

January – February

The start of the year brings delight to many bookmakers, with many expecting large profits at the start of the season. It is common nowadays that January and February is rather cold, with snow and frost appearing on the race tracks often. This causes mayhem, as many trainers don’t have access to all weather tracks. When it comes to a frosty track, always back a horse that have recently ran, as their fitness will be on point. Also, back horses who have winning trainers, as they may have the all-important all weather tracks needed for this type of weather.


This month marks the start of the flat season; however it would be wise to allow a little amount of time to pass before you back any horses, so their form is more consistent.

April – May

This is another tricky season for flat racing, as many trainers will trial their younger horses. Whilst younger horses may look like they don’t stand a chance against the older and previously great horses, they may surprise you. With this in mind, it would be foolish to back an unproven young horse, so wait until the horse has picked up a decent form guide which you can go off.

June – August

This is the time of year where we normally witness much better weather, with tracks becoming much better to run on to. By this time, horses have picked up an established form, making it extremely easier to bet on; maybe choosing higher stakes too.


Another tricky month, as form goes out of the window. Horses that have been winning tend to start losing, and many other horses who haven’t won, tend to improve dramatically. It is also common that horses have breaks over the summer, which enhances their chances against horses who are tired from a long summer of racing.

October – December

These months are when we should start putting our hand in our pockets and staking often, and sometimes big! Many of the big boys are back out racing with high percentages of placing. Back the big boys who have had great form stats.

Now onto the Geek’s tips to find those winners….

The Horse’s Realistic Chances

Many owners get thirsty for money, and winning a higher class race with a young horse has happened before, by fluke and by being the deserving winner. It would be wise to back horses that have been consistent, and stay away from the ones that probably have no realistic chance.


Always bet on horses that have done well over the distance, finishing as the winner or placing too over the distance.

Fitness Of The Horse

As mentioned before, some horses have larger periods of inactivity, whilst other have breaks. It would be wise to back horses that have been running recently.

How Fast The Horse Has Been Going

Picking a horse that has been running fast is obvious. Horses that have been achieving personal bests and that have recorded fast races in their last race, will probably win in their next race.

Don’t Back The Losers For A Chance Of Big Money

This is extremely unwise, and you probably will lose your money and time. Most horses will never win a race, whilst others seem to win or place all the time. Do not back horses that have had a bad year, it may sound worth it if it wins, but chances are you’ll be left disappointed.


As mentioned above, we would all love a 33/1 winner! However, most of the time winners feature as the top 4 favourites to win the race. The odds are there for a reason.

So there we are, the Geek’s tips to picking winning horses. Remember though, stick to this guide and put in your work, you’ll experience success in your horse racing betting career.

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