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Ten Top Tips

Gambling online it is certainly a fun hobby that you can do from almost anywhere in the world, it is so convenient that more people are getting into it day by day, for example you can play on the train on the way home after a long day of work, or just before sleeping from your cozy bed.

However, if you have never tried Online Casinos, it can be a bit scary at the beginning, especially because there is a stigma around the betting industry.

But don’t worry! We have the best advice for new Geeky Gamblers.

First question that beginners ask is:

Is it Safe to play Online Casinos?

Most Online Casinos are regulated under certain laws, it is important that you always do some research before playing, to have an idea of how the site works or read reviews from previous players. Here at Geeky Gamblers you can read reviews for different Casinos Online.


This depends on your Geo-location, it is important to investigate if the country you are based in accepts gambling, for e.g. some of the most flexible countries are UK, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, the Isle of Man, Australia, Malta, Gibraltar, Ireland, New Zealand, Panama and more recently Belgium.

More countries are trying to get legalization for Online Gambling, such as Mexico, Argentina and a few Asian countries.


Reading different websites and reviews make the difference, since a properly licensed and regulated site has no chance at all that of cheating, it might sound cliché, but it is a matter of luck!

To be honest your luck basically depends a computer component normally referred to as the Random Number Generator (RNG), this machine is in charge of producing random series of numbers – it can’t be controls, it doesn’t have memory – Its completely random.

Choose what you like

Casinos Online are more than just slots, it’s a whole new world, just as in a “real” land based casinos, these sites offer tons of options to play.

From the typical video slot machine, to live games like Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack and many more options.

Keeping an eye on reviews can give you an idea of new games or big progressive Jackpots.

Know your limits

This is a point we want you to consider every time you start playing Online Games, the best way to play is to set a budget.

This budget should be money you use for leisure, never play with money you are going to need in the future days either for rent or any bills.

Gambling should be fun, and the only way to keeping it that way is knowing your limits.


Free games

Some casinos give you the opportunity to play without a deposit, this gives you the opportunity to try different games before you make a real payment.

If you are a new player, go and try all the free games casinos online have for you!


Casinos know competition is big and growing, for that reason they created bonus, either welcome bonus or other special offers.

If you decide to play at some casinos, check their welcome bonus, in that way you can multiply your money from the beginning.

Terms & Conditions

Before making any deposit, we recommend veterans and new players to read terms and conditions, like in any other activities or game, there are rules, sometimes this can vary from one site to other, for that reason you should always be aware of the guidelines of the casino online you are playing.


When you play slots machines, you will find some games label as “Progressive Jackpot” this means that every time a person plays that specific game, a small fee will go to a pot, frequently several machines are joint together to create a larger progressive jackpot which grows more quickly.

Best Sites

In order to choose the best site, you will need to try a few! Every site suits different personalities, we can’t give just one site and rank it as the best.


Good news is, you can find some reviews of different Casinos Online on previous Geeky Gambler posts, have a look and start trying some sites, following the Geeky advice!

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With all of the Bonuses from The Geek there are terms and conditions attached. 
Please read these fully before taking any Online Casino or Sport Betting Free BetBonus.

That’s it from us today for our Geeky Tips! Join us tomorrow for some more awesome tips!