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Royal baby number three – Guess the name!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child as the world got to know on September 2017, since then bookmakers have already made their predictions on what the next royal baby name will be.

We are not sure how much money could be at stake yet, but when the royals picked Charlotte in 2015, bookmakers had to pay out about $1.5 million to gamblers who correctly guessed the name.

There was a rumour that someone inside the royal house had leaked it, as a matter of fact, considering wagers for Charlotte jumped in the eight to 10 days before she was born.

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Winning names

The gender still unknown therefore the options are mix between boys and girls names.

You could also bet on gender, guided by the wagers on names, the favourite is to be a girl.

List of most popular names:

Alice 7/1

Arthur 10/1

Victoria 10/1

Alexandra 12/1

Alexander 12/1

Albert 14/1

Philip 14/1

Elizabeth 16/1

Henry 16/1

Grace 16/1

Mary 16/1

Charles 20/1

Thomas 20/1

Jack 20/1

Diana 25/1

Donald 50/1


BoyleSports spokeswoman Aoife Heffron said:

“Despite the gender of the third royal baby being unknown at this moment in time, the name betting is favouring girl’s names as Victoria and Alice, which are both in the royal lineage, are the early frontrunners”

William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly said:

“Most of the names towards the top of the betting are ones which have been popular the last two times around and we expect they will be again,”

Can you guess the correct name and gender? If you’re a hunch on a name what are you waiting to place your bets!

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