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The Geek’s Asian Handicap ‘How To’ Guide

If you’ve ever joined a sport based online betting bookie or perhaps even some of the Betting Gods football tipsters, then you’ve most probably discovered the term ‘Asian handicap’. Whilst this may confuse you, we are here to change that! This guide will explain what an Asian Handicap is, and how it’s different from standard betting. We will also suggest a few things before you place your stake on the Asian Handicap.

The Asian Handicap is basically spread betting, with the teams having a handicap, typically reflecting how well they’ve been playing recently. These values can be either positive or negative, for example -2.0 or +2.0. These figures signify a head start that one team has over the other, in football it will be a goal deficit.

Exclusion Of Draws

When betting on an Asian Handicap, you can only bet on one team or the other, which eliminates the draw option. Asian handicap betting is mostly popular with football, as draws are very common in games.

An example of when an Asian handicap bet would prove a wise choice is if Chelsea play Swansea at home, with the blues being massive favourites to take the three points. The odds for Chelsea to grab the victory would be very low, and the odds for Swansea to win would be high. These games, that are predictable, are less popular due to the risk not being worth it on the side that may not stand a chance. It is wiser to bet on games that seem evenly matched.
However give Chelsea a -2.00 (goals) start and the odds will become a bit more lucrative, as essentially for our betting purposes this means than Swansea essentially start the game leading 2-0.

Handicap betting isn’t just match outcome bets, it also covers markets such as goals scored.

How It Works?

The team that is most likely to win will have the negative handicap, with the other team having a positive handicap.

In our example, Chelsea vs Swansea, if you bet on Chelsea at -1.5, then you need them to win the game by 2+ goals, otherwise you’ll lose. If you bet on Swansea at +2.5, then you will need them to not lose by 3 goals minimum. All you have to do is to add the handicap to the teams score line to find out if you’ve won or not. Your stake will be refunded if the handicap is a whole number and the full time result is a draw. So if Chelsea are -2 and they win 2-0, there is no victor, and you’ll get your refund.

What The Geek Recommends

The Geek recommends, before placing an Asian Handicap bet, to look at the regular odds first, so that you get a good idea of how large a team is favoured to win the game over the other team. Where Asian handicaps are most beneficial are fixtures where there is a larger gap between the 2 teams. You can then use your knowledge or best estimate to judge whether your favoured team is worth of taking a -1.00 start, or you want to back the outsider with an advantage.

Whilst betting on Asian handicaps can initially be difficult to understand, it can become very simple with practice. If you love gambling on long shots in an attempt to win big money, then it probably isn’t for you. However, if you prefer to make your bets more interesting and place your footy punts on a more level playing field then with Asian handicaps you just found your ideal bet.

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